Bag of Pecans 1 lb.


Chances are the pecans you bought in your grocery store came from right here in El Paso/Las Cruces! Our region is one of the largest producers of pecans
in the world. Our humble, local farmers won't disclose, but rumor has it that over 70 million pounds of pecans are grown here each year.

So El Paso pecans are grown in Fabens,Texas on a farm that got its start in the 1920´s at a time if you came, claimed the land, settled and worked it, the
land was yours. MBM Farms, now run by Valerie Maros, is a vibrant farm producing pecans and shipping them all over the world. We are elated to partner with this
legendary farm and bring you the best from our region.

Pecans are kept frozen until shipped to ensure straight from the farm freshness!!

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