Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you need to get my gift(s) ready?
It depends, how many and what time of year, however, we aim to please and can work miracles over here. When in doubt, give Anne a call at 915-777-0803           

My company needs an estimate and an invoice. Do you offer those?
Yes! We offer professional estimates that even the pickiest firms accept. AND, we are happy to offer invoicing with terms.

I love your gifts, but I want to add some of my own items. Can you do that?
Of course! Bring a bottle of wine, company swag with your logo even your grandmother’s famous banana bread. We are happy to incorporate those items into your gift.

Alcohol! What about alcohol?
We do not sell alcohol, but we can add beer, wine or spirits that you purchase to a gift basket. Need it shipped? Sorry, we can pack it up really well, but you will have to take it to the post office to mail. We’re rule followers about this one.

I’d rather have my gift delivered. Do you offer that?
Yep! We deliver within the El Paso city limits for $15.

Do you ship?
All day long. We will send you a shipping confirmation and an email when your gift has arrived. This is not our first rodeo!

Call 915-777-0803 for more information