Gifting Assistance

Anne Mitchell - Founder/Owner

Need help in choosing the perfect So El Paso gifts? I would love to help you out. Schedule a Call or Tasting to explore the options in depth. 

Schedule a 30 Minute Call

Thank you for reaching out! Tired of seeing “Buy Gifts” on your to-do list? Ready to tackle your gifting needs? Let’s do it! 

Click on my calendar and let’s find a time to chat. Let us make your gifting easy and fun!


Schedule a 30 Minute Tasting

Sure, chatting is great, but in-person is back, Baby! The best way to experience our goodies and see our options is to come to the store.

I would like to invite you and your team, to the So El Paso store for 
a tasting. It takes about 20 minutes, is free, fun and yummy! I will even have a free gift waiting for you when you get here. I realize you are busy, but I hope you can find a time to swing by.  I promise it will be worth it!

Please click on my calendar, find a time and let's get to tasting!

Call 915-777-0803 for more information