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First Blog Post

First Blog Post

“They” say I need a Blog for my website. I’m not a big reader of blogs so I figured it won’t be a big deal. I’ ll write a few words, put them on the website and then, Check! I have a Blog. Here we go! So El Paso had been on my mind for many years. How could El Paso not have a single item that was branded with the name of our city? OK. Some may argue that Old El Paso fit the bill, but really?!? That’ s the best we could do? Canned chile with an outdated look? Oh sure, you could buy pistachios from Alamogordo or pecans from Las Cruces, but last I checked, those places are in New Mexico. Our town deserved better and we had it at one time. We had the beloved El Paso Chile Company with its salsas, bean dips, cookbooks and brilliantly crazy front man, Park Kerr. Who didn’t love El Paso Chile Company?!? Their products reflected our city with a splash of color, a tongue in cheek approach, groovy labels and delicious jars of goodness. In my humble opinion (which doesn’t mean anything except, this is MY blog) El Paso Chile Company single-handedly introduced salsa to a ketchup-loving nation. However, in Elvis terms, they ‘ left the building” in 2009. Year after year, I would go to Cathy Parker at Coffee Emporium and ask where the El Paso-branded food items were? Nope, Not a one. I kept asking... Why isn’ t anyone picking up this niche and going for it? Having started and sold two businesses, I figured. I’ ll do it! How hard can it be? And, So El Paso was born.

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