Why So El Paso?

Why So El Paso?

Why the name So El Paso?  Well, it’s actually pretty simple.  I attended my 30 year Coronado High School Reunion and spent a fun weekend with a lot of people with whom I had spent a lot of fun weekends with as a young, crazy teenager.  So many memories, so many fun times but most of them So El Paso.   Going to the middle of the desert or to the levy for a bonfire, loading up your Mom’s sedan to drive “all the way” to the other side of town to the Dudley Dome to see the Diablos play baseball, going to Juarez to party like a rock star with $5 in your pocket, paying someone to shock you with a car battery, standing in a looong line for tamales and driving 45 minutes for a Chope’s “fix.”  This list goes on and on.   We laughed and laughed at all the crazy things we did but somehow the spouses of the T-birds couldn’t quite wrap their heads around it.  Seems growing up in El Paso was “poquito" different than the rest of the country.  Not better, not worse, just WAY different.  To me So El Paso, sums up our city.  We are not better than other cities, we are not worse, we are El Paso and the things and people are what make El Paso home.  My reunion came and went but I guarantee those memories will be around for many, many years.  Crazy as they are, those moments defined all of us and wherever my fellow graduates live now, they spread a little of that El Paso magic where ever they now call “home.”

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